Project Details

Client: David Poltrock

Date: October 9, 2016

Online: www.poltrock.be

POLTROCK (David Poltrock) is a Brussels-based producer, composer and classically trained piano player with a long-term record of national and international productions. The ‘POLTROCK’-project emerged from piano-improvisations and electronic jams in ‘The Poltrock Palladium’-studio, the Brussels’ home to a vast collection of acoustic, electro-mechanical and electronic vintage keyboard instruments and single malt whiskeys. The POLTROCK project is the first of a series of sonic expeditions combining all kinds of organically treated and prepared pianos with vintage analogue as well as contemporary digital electronic synthesizers. Rhythmically exciting, yet ambient and minimal at times, POLTROCK is always looking for cinematic soundscapes assembling clever sequencing with piano-improvisations. Please join him on his thrilling musical journey.

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