False Pieces

We are never who we want to be.
Rich, famous, goodlooking, bearded…
There’s always a piece missing, we can feel it
and no matter how small, the hole it leaves, feels massive.

We try filling up that hole by creating ‘false’ pieces. We create our image.
What does the world think of me
and who does the world want me to be.
We behave differently around certain people,
we are very rarely ourselves.
Almost our entire lifetime is spent being someone we are not.
A fake individual, in a fake world.

The search for missing pieces is eternal, if one is found,
finding the next one becomes a new priority.
We’re being forced by society to always walk the line,
we can never really break free.
And you know what… we like it that way!

Glowball Films would like to thank Moby and Mobygratis.com for providing the music for our project.
This project is for non-profit purposes only.

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Date: August 4, 2014

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